Emergency Aid for Institutions of Higher Education Program

To provide assistance for students that were impacted by Harvey.

Supplemental Questions
  1. How did Hurricane Harvey impact you and your family?
  2. Please describe any special circumstances or hardships created by Hurricane Harvey; (unemployment, lay-offs, occupational health problems, no home insurance, etc.)
  3. REQUIRED: Please upload Proof of Residency; something that shows you lived in Galveston County at the time of Hurricane Harvey. This can be with insurance claims, FEMA claims, utility bills or lease/mortgage statements, or other documents that show you resided in Galveston County from August - September 2017.
  4. REQUIRED: Please upload supporting pictures or documents to demonstrate the damages you suffered as a result of Hurricane Harvey.
  5. First Time Applicants: I understand that I must upload proof of residency, supporting pictures or documents.
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